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Weather Conditions
All open boat and charter trips are schedule to change due to the affects of the weather and ocean conditions at the time of departure. The boat captain will make the final decision on whether or not the boat can provide safe passage and diving for all passengers.

Cancellation Policy
Once you book your spot and send in your money the ticket is yours, there is no refund. We will however try to sell your ticket upon notice. If that ticket is not sold there will be no refund. On charter boat trips that are not open boat, all passengers should check with your charter group to find out the timeframe for cancellations. Explorer is NOT responsible for charter trip cancellations that are late.

Diving Equipment
Divers wet gear should be stowed at the stern of the boat under the tank benches if possible, you can also store the wet gear bags along the sides and at the bow. Dry gear can consist of multiple items and can be stored inside the bunk area or outside in the dry area. All divers are responsible for bringing their own equipment, Explorer does not rent gear out. Gear can be rented, delivered and picked up after the trip. Ask for details. All divers are responsible for packing up their own equipment. Any equipment that is left on the boat more the 30 days will be claimed by the Explorer as unwanted items.

Game Hunting
All divers that are hunting and taking game must possess a valid California Fish and Game saltwater license with the ocean enhancement stamp. The Explorer is not responsible for game that is taken illegally. Each diver is responsible to know the local Fish and Game rules and regulations, if you do not know then please ask.

Personal Items
For single and multi day open boats trips your personal items are your own responsibility to bring aboard the boat, this includes all divers and passengers. Some of these items can include: dry bag, dry towels, change of clothes, comb or brush, sunscreen and so on. Make sure to also not forget any seasick medication. All dry gear bags can be stowed on the forward area of the stern where the shelves are located against the cabin area, this is for dry-gear only. Other dry bags can be stowed in the bunk area for single and multi-day trips. Bunks are available on a first come first serve basis (please try to save the dual-bunks for couples). If you are with a charter make sure to get your bunk assignment from your charter group before taking a bunk.

Food and Beverages
All open boat trips (single and multi) day include food and beverage in the price of the fair. The Explorer has a fully stocked galley providing the breakfast, snacks, lunch and all types of drinks...including coffee, soda, juice, water, etc. Breakfast will be served as we make the channel crossing to the islands on a single day boat, the lunch order will be announced before the second dive and snacks will be served in between. We do not allow alcohol to be brought onto the boat, and it can only be purchased on board after the last dive.

For more information e-mail us: explorerdiveboat@sbcglobal.net
or give us a call: (805) 890-1142

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